On a chilly winter eve three friends were huddled inside a coffee shop “Café Ebel” situated in the beautiful city of Prague. In the midst of their conversation they received a call from one of their friends who had just purchased a brand new motorcycle and wanted to know which riding gears to purchase. As seasoned bikers they gave the best options they could come up with based on safety, affordability and availability.

This conversation struck up the idea of manufacturing riding gears with the best quality at an affordable price. Lots of Coffee, left over bagels and some scribbled notes laid the foundation of Xtreme Dynamics Inc. on 1st February 2015. 

The next few months were spent in contacting zillions of suppliers and craftsmen from around the globe, samples were brought in from Italy, Vietnam, Pakistan, Brazil, South Korea, Romania to name a few.

Today Xtreme Dynamics Inc. is one of the fastest growing players in the field of motorsport, outfitting countless number of Individuals with the highest level of protective clothing.

Our love of motor sports,practical approach and technological advancement has enabled us to offer the best protective equipment to our customers and keeps us ahead of our competitors.




To empower individuals engaged in Xtreme Sports with formidable safety encapsulating style and high performance levels.



To uphold the safety and comfort of our riders, gaining the trust of our dealers and winning the confidence of our stakeholders.




High-Quality Standards

It has always been, and will always be, about quality. At XDI certifications are our guidelines and not our goals. All our products are built to exceed the standards and not to meet them.


Each one at XDI has a specific job yet all of us know every step which goes into creating our products. We understand that there are no minor or major jobs at XDI but each job done to its perfection by every individual together creates the master piece which protects our customers.


Environmental Sustainability

We at XDI are dedicated to not only protect our customers but also our Environment. Ranging from eco-friendly packaging to eco-friendly ink, we are continuously finding new ways to reduce our ecological footprint.



Playing it Right

Doing what is right means uncompromising with our beliefs and rules when no one is watching. 


At Xtreme Dynamics Inc. we know the true measure of a company isn’t just great products but the impact that company has on society. 

From the design process of XDI products, through the operations of the facilities that create them, to the methods of transporting each product to the consumer – and even at the dealer that sells the product, XDI strives to find new ways to minimize the environmental impact of our business.

XDI continues to be at the forefront of safety technology with a focus on protecting people that has led to top safety ratings and enables us to find breakthrough innovations.

From reducing our impact on the environment to the life-saving technology in our gear we’re committed to making a difference in ways that extend far behind our production lines.

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